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The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 28

September 6, 2013

Source: NASA

All good things must not come to an end. That’s right, after almost two years, the DroidShark Podcast is back! But not with vengence, but with love. Sweet love.

Not missing a beat, the DSP returns with Episode 28, i.e. Nature Week. This week Andy talks about Europa, (not Myropa) Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 9

March 1, 2011

Why limit Nature week to this Earth? Well don’t worry, we wouldn’t do something that stupid. This week Andy shares the low-down on ANIMALS IN SPACE (space-space-space.) Learn all you wanted to about monkeys flying through the sky faster than you could imagine. Also, this week’s episode has been approved by the “Bascially a half-Hour Podcast” committee, so give this space puppy the listen it deserves. Thanks.