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The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 19

May 27, 2011

Oh tech week. With it comes some hard core nerd conversation between Andy and Ryan concerning Bill Gates…and Steve Ballmer…and our first computers…and throwing chairs…enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 18

May 20, 2011

Do you think you are a good father? Well, you’re not…at least compared to the awesome pops that Andy has pulled out of mother nature’s gene pool for this week’s nature week. Listen, enjoy, and maybe apply some of the parenting tips…okay?

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 17

May 13, 2011

It’s tech week and with it comes a loose tech tie-in to, yup, you guessed it LEGOs (you probably didn’t guess it, but we’ll let it slip). Ryan teaches Andy the finer points of building a house out of LEGOs that one can live in without the aid of a Szalinski Shrink Ray. Enjoy.


The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 16

May 6, 2011

It’s back…for real. This week Andy and Ryan reunite after about 4 months of intense separation. Without missing a beat, we’re on Nature Week this week with Andy at the helm. What is the topic you ask? Crows. Yes. Crows. Prepared to have your mind blown…with knowledge. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 15

April 30, 2011

Well folks, this is the end, at least for now, of the DroidShark Podcast. Andy is headed up to Portland, but not before he and Ryan have one last grand hurrah podcast. This week is Tech Week, where Ryan wows Andy with the fascinating world of dog cloning. Enjoy.


The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 14 CHRISTMAS BONUS

March 1, 2011

So, in Episode 14, we referenced wanting to call Andy’s sister Joslyn to find out why she liked Episode 8 of the DroidShark Podcast so much. Well, we actually did it after we recorded. Its worth a listen for sure. Thanks to Joslyn for being a great sport.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 14

March 1, 2011

Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate these holi-days. This special Christmas Eve episode this week features nature week where Andy tries to top the infamous episode 8 of the DroidShark Pocast about Steve Wozniak with a Steve of his own, Steve Irwin. All just to win the love of his sister Joslyn. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 13

March 1, 2011

Tech week. Tech. Week. It’s no slouch as Ryan instructs Andy on the finer parts of hybrots and paints once again, a bleak picture of the future…but in a funny way. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 12

March 1, 2011

“Narwhals, they are narwhals.”-Weebls. Not much else needs to be said for this week’s nature episode. Listen and learn more than you though you ever could about narwahls, otherwise known as one of Buddy the Elf’s friends. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 11

March 1, 2011

After the Black Friday Hiatus, the DroidShark Podcast is back with not vengence, but with comforting robots. Yes, that’s what was typed…comforting robots. Its a bit more of a somber mood on the podcast as Andy and Ryan discuss the effects of robots overtaking the roles of comforting and consoling…shudders. Enjoy!

Show Notes:


Paro the therapeutic robot baby harp seal

Japanese Expression Mimicking Robot