The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 29

November 10th, 2013

Andy and Ryan once again show that they fail at the technicalities of podcasting (well, mainly Ryan). Life goes on though. Life goes on to awesomeness as it is technology week where Ryan tries to trip up Andy on true or false stories from Facebook. As always, hilarity ensues. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 28

September 6th, 2013

Source: NASA

All good things must not come to an end. That’s right, after almost two years, the DroidShark Podcast is back! But not with vengence, but with love. Sweet love.

Not missing a beat, the DSP returns with Episode 28, i.e. Nature Week. This week Andy talks about Europa, (not Myropa) Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 27

December 9th, 2011


Real. Life. Super. Her.os. Need we say more? Check out what exactly Angle Grinder Man does, and why Andy is so disappointed in “Citizen Prime.” Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 26

December 2nd, 2011


Happy 11-11-11 which is brought to you by Nature (and the number eleven). Think of this week’s episode as a nature special. Not because the content is any more special (impossible) but because this particular episode on the 10 deadliest mountains is about an hour long. Get comfy and be glad you never took up mountaineering. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 25

November 25th, 2011


Episode 25 on the 25th? This was meant to be….

Tech week. Remember Back to the Future 2? Remember your mind blown at the “crazy” items of the future? Well, Ryan and Andy disect this technology just to see if we are where ol’ Doc Brown would have us be. Park your flying car and have a listen.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 24

November 18th, 2011


Happy terrifying Nature week. Celebrate Halloween with this ghastly question. What is really tiny, has tiney-tiny toes and could claw your face-off given the chance to grow, but is incredibly adorable? Listen and find out.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 23

November 11th, 2011


This week Ryan makes a loose connection to technology to justify talking about the fascinating subject of faking your own death. Tupac, Elvis, you name it, they’re all here. Listen intently to fill your mind with knowledge…

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 22

November 4th, 2011


Happy Birthday Jamie. This week Andy and Ryan discuss none other than the adorableness of hedgehogs and why all you learned from Sega was wrong. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 21

June 10th, 2011

Gary Brolsma. Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, Andy didn’t know who it was either, at least by that name. You will soon though and many others and we take a magical journey to find out “where are they now” concerning YouTube celebrities. Enjoy.

The DroidShark Podcast-Episode 20

June 6th, 2011

Canis lupus. A name you ignorant people wouldn’t know the definition of unless you had read those pesky Harry Potter books. Okay, maybe that is not the case.

Either way, this week is nature week and Andy has graced us with the topic presence of wolves. How do you find out if a wolf is about to eat you? It’s not what you think*. (*Actually, it kind of is.) Enjoy.